A feature film


“THE  PROTÉGÉ” (presentation pdf)

The Project

The Protege is  set for theatrical exhibition in the
United States, Great Britain, and the European Union with secondary level distribution globally.
The Protege is an enchanting children’s fantasy film with a delightful cast of both child and adult characters. It
is a period piece set in the charm of the late 19th Century Canada near Toronto. It holds an emotional and
gripping plot full of fun and surprises for everyone.
As witnessed by the successes of such children’s novel based franchises like the Harry Potter and Lord of the
Rings series, interest in children’s fanatasy films has held up very well over the decades. Each one has made
the next even more desireable by viewers. It is one which still has massive appeal to 18 to 55 year old males
and females, but especially within the family and female audiences, as well as children of all ages.
The fact this film is a direct adaption of a delightful and highly acclaimed children’s novel, offers exceptional
response potential for the film. It will not only garner large media attention, but will also find a very large
interest value in the theater going populace at large.