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“ΣΟΦΙΑ” (СОФІЯ) (presentation PDF ukr)

About the project

In 1978, all the books of this writer were removed from libraries and destroyed in one sixth of the world’s territories.
Alas, who knows how our consciousness would have been formed, and who we would have become, if into our hands long ago had not fallen the shabby “self-publishing” pages of this work?
The book came out in the distant sixties of the last century. At that time, there was no notion at all in Ukraine about the idea of a bestseller, not to mention the very concept of Ukraine as we perceive it today. The author of “The Magic boomerang,” Mykola Rudenko, at the time of the totalitarian Soviet ideology somehow managed to write this amazing book. It is a book which, in our opinion, indeed meets all the criteria of an international best seller. A book where it has an intellectual plot and proposes logical hypotheses, hypotheses which make the reader perform the main thing, the central idea to which any true great work is called: to empathize, to understand and to consider.
We do not have the tools that would allow the “The Magic Boomerang” as a book to be placed in every home around the world. However, we know very well what powerful force is able to do it – the cinema. This is our desire, and this is our ability…this we are able to do. And while all the brilliant thoughts of the book, all of its magnificent emotions and ideas cannot be transformed onto the screen, let us realize that the cinematic version will be subjective only to our understanding and expression of its contents. Nevertheless, we are convinced “The Magic boomerang” should be made for the cinema for all to see and enjoy. It is vital for the young generations to learn of the heroes of this country and be proud of Ukraine’s powerful intellectual potential.