A feature film


“COLD EAST” (presentation pdf)

The Project

Cold East is a motion picture  set for theatrical exhibition in the United States, Great Britain, and the European Union with secondary level distribution in Eastern Europe.
Cold East is an intense, high action spy thriller with a destinctive Eastern European flavor featuring bold,
dramatic historical settings in the 1,100 year old ancient capital city of Kyiv, Ukraine…the birthplace of the
legendary land of Kyivan Rus from the 9th Century.
Interest in high action spy thrillers has held up very well over the decades and one which still has massive
appeal to 18 to 55 year old males and females who love to see action films and dashing, handsome men in
The fact this film is a direct adaption of the very successful best selling book, particularly in the US, England,
France, Germany and throughout Eastern Europe, it offers exceptional fan response. It will not only garner
large media attention, it will find a very large interest value in the theater going populace at large.

The project is scheduled to begin during the Spring of 2018 and to be released in the late fall or early winter of