Atomic lovers


A feature film by Helene Wang
Ukrainian-Belgian co-production

“ATOMIC LOVERS” (presentation pdf)

Atomic Lovers is a sexistensial drama about a woman who is not satisfied with one story, one life, one man. When a sardonic guy discovers some of her secrets, she gets tossed into a chaos of lies, seduction and real love, in the hunt for the appreciation that is fundamental for her happiness.

Mia, a 27 year old woman, lives in Belgium, far from her Danish roots. She divides her time between two men, each in another city, each believing in other lies. But they both have ambitions in which Mia plays an ever growing role. Jonas dreams about a family, and wants to share every aspect of his life with her. They enjoy each other’s company, but the underlying pressure of their incompatible dreams is eating up their relationship.
With Christophe, a man ten years her senior, Mia is constantly playing games, having twisty conversations, and Christophe is proud of his beautiful, smart girlfriend. Just like Jonas’, Christophe love for Mia is genuine. Or at least their love for the Mia that they know. ‘Cause the real Mia enjoys, hidden from their eyes, her job as an exotic performer in an up scale strip club in Brussels.
When one of her costumers, Pieter – a greedy and handsy man – appears to be the new boss of Christophe, Mia’s secret lives become endangered. She feels the control sliding away between her fingers, and struggles to stay in charge, making mistake after mistake in the effort. Trying to stay true to herself, she slowly but steadily lets down the people she loves.
Toying with her, Pieter pushes her over her own boundaries, and those of Belgium, to Ukraine. A country which she has claimed to know by heart, but now facing it with Christophe, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold the bluff, and lies begin to fall apart. After a disastrous attempt to visit Chernobyl, an encounter with local authorities and the surprise appearance of Pieter, her relationship with Christophe is finally put to an end.
After a few months, she finally collects the courage to return to Belgium and confront Jonas. But neither he is prepared to love and appreciate her as she truly is. Their life together falls apart, and Mia is left to face some unpleasant conclusions.